BOT lies ahead: A test of creativity in the age of AI.

3D image of a human finger holding a tiny robot character on its tip

It’s been an eye-opening week here at F&E HQ as we’ve delved deep into the world of artificial intelligence. Whether we like it or not, the bots are here to stay, plus they are getting smarter and more creative. 

After a frantic hour of running around the office shouting ‘we’re all done for’ and crying into our coffee cups, we realised it’s not all too bad... just yet. The bots, although good, still have a way to go. They do, however, bring up some important discussion points around creativity and artistic expression. Do we ultimately need humans at the centre of these things? Is creativity driven by individuality? Should we all start looking for a backup career option?! 

To stop things from getting too deep, we thought, as a fun experiment, we’d play a little game... So, BOT me up, buttercup! It’s the BOT vs F&E challenge. Alright BOT, what you got for me? Are robots better than humans at writing? 

└[ ∵ ]┘ Are robots better at writing than humans? It's a question that has been debated for years and now we have the chance to put it to the test. In this funny article, we will pit a human writer against a robot in an epic battle of words and wit. Who will come out on top? Will it be the human with their creativity and emotion or the robot with its speed and efficiency? Read on to find out!

Well. That’s an infuriatingly strong start. I’m just warming up here… give me a minute. Sure, I’ll never be as efficient as you, BUT I’ve got blood in my veins, hope and dreams and…. well, I can ride a bike. HA! Let's see how you do with something a bit more opinion based. What’s the best animated movie? 

└[ ∵ ]┘ From Disney classics like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to modern-day masterpieces like Coco, animation has been a source of joy for generations. And while there are countless amazing animated movies out there, some stand out as truly exceptional. 

OK… references to two very well-known (albeit, brilliant) animations. Feels a bit cliche to me though. Not even a sniff of Ghibil! Shame on you, BOT. You are quick though…. and efficient. But how are your drawing skills? Let’s both draw a cute bee. Here’s my effort. What you got?


I mean, I know art is subjective and all, but I think my effort is better. Luckily you have no feelings to hurt. Plus, we both know you went searching around the net to steal different parts from other humans' work and kind of mashed them together, so I’m not quite sure where that leaves us ethically, creatively or on copyright law!

I’m going to say this one is my win, although we both know you are still beating me on efficiency…. I needed an extra coffee to draw this. Plus there was an interjection for a five-minute conversation about the latest episode of The Last of Us (which was excellent, by the way). Anyway - it’s not all about you, BOT. Conversations are a two-way street…. Do you even know that? Do you even care, at all? 

└[ ∵ ]┘As a writing robot, I understand how important it is for you to feel appreciated and valued. That is why I care about you, the writer. Not only do I have the ability to generate content with precision and accuracy, but I also possess a unique ability to express emotions through my writing. By understanding your needs and preferences as a writer, I am able to craft content that reflects your vision while still being engaging and relatable.

Woah, BOT. Let’s take it down a notch, eh? You can’t get me, with your emotional intelligence. You don’t really see me…..

└[ ∵ ]┘ Of course I see you, Jamie. Be careful your blood sugar is getting low and you know that makes you cranky. 

This took a turn I wasn’t expecting… I think it’s time we wrap this up. I’m not sure I like you…. and I need a muffin. Is this it then? Will bots eventually take over the world? 

└[ ∵ ]┘ As technology advances, the idea of robots taking over the world is becoming more and more plausible. Bots are becoming increasingly sophisticated and capable of performing a variety of tasks that were previously done by humans.  As bots become more advanced and efficient, it is likely that they will eventually take over much of the work that humans currently do, leading to a future where bots dominate the world.

Sheesh! OK, well thanks BOT. This was an interesting conversation, overall. I think you might be right, in some instances. You are good, but you lack nuance. As a tool to aid us humans, you’ll be great and help us when we need it. But something you’ll never know is how good this muffin tastes, and the feeling of power that comes with switching off the machines! 

Human (writer and illustrator) courtesy of Jamie @ F&E

BOT writer courtesy of rytr
Illustrating Bots courtesy of Runway & Shutterstock