Top 5 animated films you probably haven’t seen (and should)!

Our top 5 animations you've probably never seen.

Most of us have found Nemo a few times, and we’ve all heard Ariel singing about her ‘thing-a-ma-bob being neat’. There’s a reason these classic films have found their way onto our screens time and time again. It’s because they are all fantastic. We somehow grow even fonder of these characters and stories the more we watch them, and they embed themselves into our psyche in a nostalgic and sentimental way that is hard to shift. With that in mind, there is probably no reason to watch any new films.   

That would be a weird way to end this article, though.  

So, if you’re wondering if there are any other wonderful animated films out there that have somehow fallen under your radar, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are absolutely hundreds, that often don’t get as much publicity, and are well worth a watch. 

Here are our top 5 animated films you probably haven’t seen (and definitely should).

5 Kubo and the Two Strings

In Kubo and the Two Strings, Kubo uses his magical instrument to battle the Moon King.  It’s not a true story, we don’t think. What is true, though, is that this is a stop-motion masterpiece of epic proportions that was put together with arduous attention to detail. Directed by Travis Knight, it’s got enough in there to keep the whole family pleased for an afternoon of adventurous folklore.

4 My Life as a Courgette

My Life as a Courgette is a beautiful example of how a daring topic can be handled in a sensitive and artistic way. It’s sweet, emotive and magic all at the same time and is put together with an incredibly mesmerising art style that feels rich and somehow naive, too.  Definitely worth a watch.

3 Song of the Sea

We’re still surprised by how many people haven’t seen this film yet. Song of the Sea is a bold, hand-drawn entry that has certainly fallen under the radar of many animated film lovers. It is visually striking and centred around lots of unusual folklore, which is perhaps why so few have taken the plunge. This film can really serve as a breath of fresh air from the typical format that most of us are used to, and will certainly draw you back, time and time again.

2 The Red Turtle

There’s something wonderfully different about The Red Turtle that’s hard to describe without actually watching it. It’s completely engrossing and captivating but not in a usual character-driven sense. Although the simple story keeps your attention, it feels more like we are drifting along with a piece of art that you can’t look away from. Directed by Michael Dudok de Wit, you can certainly feel the presence of Studio Ghibli who lent a hand in the writing process.  

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1 Belleville Rendez-Vous

Featured in our Top 10 Animated Films of all Time, this is also our top pick for films you may have never heard of. There is something so mesmerising and hypnotic about Belleville Rendez-Vous (also know as Les triplettes de Belleville). With its unique and often distorted visuals, it’s not one you choose to appease the children, but it's got a certain something that definitely makes it worth a watch. It has an intriguing storyline splashed with bizarre and odd moments that make it wonderfully charming. It has practically no dialogue, which puts many people off, but this film has won over so many people who are willing to give it a chance, giving Ariel and Nemo a well deserved day off.