Dechert Ballerina cel animated Digital Christmas Card - Fred & Eric

Dechert Ballerina

The beauty of a hand drawn cel animated sequence combines with a magical festive ballet performance for this digital Christmas Card.

International law firm Dechert LLP, commissioned F&E to create the Dechert Ballerina Holiday Card for colleagues and clients. The animation stars a line-drawn ballerina brought to life through traditional cel animation. Her elegant form was also used to produce a printed Christmas card to compliment this film.

The ballerina's graceful movements transport the viewer through a magical world. Breathing life into a troop of toy soldiers, whilst magical presents burst open at her touch. Each frame was drawn by hand.

Here you can see a short clip of our process. The sequence shows how her movement was built up through line drawings, creating a base from which to illustrate the stylistic line-work of the final animation.

Animation work in progress

Once the ballerina's dance was complete, embellishments and 3D flourishes were added to create a sense of depth and magic.

The animation resolves on the physical Christmas card, featuring a still image of our ballerina. Creating a beautiful tie-in of print and animated materials to spread festive magic to all of its recipients.