Greenpeace Myth Busters - Explainer Animation Series - Fred & Eric

Greenpeace Myth Busters

A series of light-hearted multi-platform online explainer animations, designed to debunk common myths associated with renewable energy.

This series of online animations commissioned by Greenpeace, titled “Renewable Energy Mythbusters”, sets out to debunk the most common misconceptions surrounding renewable energy. Our lighthearted and concise animations were designed to cut through complex issues. Presenting the audience with simple, unarguable myth-busting facts.

The series was designed as a social media campaign. Anticipating the different aspect ratios required, a multi-sized master format was created for the animations. This master ensured all of the vital information remained centre shot. Meaning whether the final animations are exported as a landscape, portrait or square ratio, none of the visual messaging was lost.

Renewable Energy Mythbusters Episode 2: Renewable Reliability

Renewable Energy Mythbusters Episode 3: Renewables are too costly