Have an OK Christmas - Have an OK Christmas from Fred & Eric

Have an OK Christmas

Because nothing says Merry Christmas better than a tangled up cat, a loaf of bread and a musical banana...

This was never meant to be an animation. What began as a personal project of festive illustrations quickly took on a life of their own. Keep reading...

It started with a happy mushroom, as all good things do, and ended up featuring a mismatched cast of characters ‘celebrating’ an 8-bit style Mariah Carey Christmas.

These designs were all created using ProCreate on an iPad; it’s a great way to sketch out initial ideas or just as an outlet for creative energy in downtime. We took the sketches and bought them to life with some simple animation in After Effects and added a touch of sound design to create something that has given us a few laughs at the end of the year. We’re sure you’ll agree, the top of everyone’s Christmas list will now be a cloud that rains burgers.

The last thing to do was think of our festive message. With a cost of living crisis forming a dark (non-burger raining) cloud over the season, wishing for an OK Christmas seemed to strike the right note.