MindPilot Cel Animated Hand Drawn Commercial - Fred & Eric


If you're on a mission to de-stress, sleep better and focus your mind to discover a calmer life, this cel animated commercial for MindPilot could be for you.

Collaborating with Creative Agency Kream, F&E produced this TV spot for the mindfulness app MindPilot. Our creative features hand-drawn illustrations, chosen to reflect the charm and serenity of the narrative.

Our Process

This commercial sets out to introduce MindPilot and define mindfulness in a straightforward, easy to understand way - dispelling any myths that might be standing in the way of potential users. Responding to the brief and direction from Kream, we created an illustrated character to drive the narrative; an androgynous figure with outstretched arms. Here you can see our first round of illustrations in animatic form:

Mindpilot work in progress: animatic

Showing our designs timed to the sound at an early stage in the project, helped our clients visualise the full sequence and feedback on amends before we started the animation.

Following feedback, the final artwork was illustrated, forming keyframes for the animated sequence. Moving on to animation, we combined After Effects animation with frame by frame 'cel animation' to compliment the commercial's hand-drawn feel. Creating a gentle flow with a dreamlike quality. Coupled with the calming voice-over, creative sound effects and simple beats of the music track, the story was complete.

The final commercial follows our character on a whimsical journey. Seamlessly carrying the viewer from a claustrophobic cityscape, onto a serene hill-top. Showing how this meditation app can transport the user above the stresses and strains of everyday life, and put things in perspective. Promising to relax the mind and help transport you to a ‘calmer’ life’*.

*Journeys by balloon not guaranteed.