NSPCC Gifts in Wills - Fred & Eric Explainer Animation

NSPCC Gifts in Wills

Writing a Will is not the first thing on an average to-do list. Which is why The NSPCC briefed us to create a fun and friendly character-based animation, highlighting the importance of moving this task to the to-do top spot!

NSPCC Gifts in Wills is a short explainer animation commissioned by NSPCC. Our animation sets out to simplify the process of writing a Will. Providing a quick "how-to" before explaining how gifts in Wills can benefit charities like the NSPCC.

Our Process

Armed with factual information from the team at NSPCC, we handed over scriptwriting duties to Katy Young. Briefing her to create a simple step-by-step guide with a duration of under 2 minutes. As for the tone of voice - we know Wills aren't necessarily a fun topic. So, our aim was to engage the audience with a bright tone topped with a light sprinkling of humour. Katy presented two script options. NSPCC picked their favourite and after making a few amends, it was ready to go.

Equipped with a great script, the illustrations were easy to visualise from the outset! Step 2 involved getting those creative ideas down onto paper, in the form of a hand-drawn storyboard. This rough guide gave an idea of what would appear in each frame of action, alongside written animation direction.

While the storyboarding was underway, we worked with NSPCC to choose an illustrator to turn our sketches into full colour. We agreed that Jamie Jones's 2D illustration style was the way to go and welcomed him to the team. Using our storyboard's visuals and direction as a guide, Jamie got to work.

Illustration in progress, our producers were already at step 4. Working with NSPCC's brief to select a voice-over artist and record the read. NSPCC also chose a track from a shortlist of music options we provided.

With all the previous steps completed, there was only one way to go... and that was to step 5! Handing over to our expert animator. He skillfully animated effortless transitions, connecting one image to the next, and breathed life into characters... and inanimate objects!

Step 6: our animation was ready for release! We delivered the final film in the required formats, including a subtitled version. Leaving us with the very last task - saying a big thank you to all of our team.