WWF Green Ambassadors - Educational Animation - Fred & Eric

WWF Green Ambassadors

The Green Ambassadors is WWF's flagship programme for schools, encouraging a new generation of sustainability champions.

WWF (think Panda... not Hulk Hogan) invited F&E to create an animation to promote their Green Ambassadors Scheme. This project aims to encourage a new generation of green-minded primary school children, inviting them to become a ‘Green Ambassador’. Inspiring positive action through recycling, saving energy and generally living a ‘greener’ lifestyle.

Our Process

Our first task was to update WWF's existing character designs from 2D drawings into fully-fledged three-dimensional mascots. Introducing Earth and his sprightly team of fellow Green Ambassador friends. Each character has their own individual ‘green’ specialisms, to showcase the scheme’s objectives. Our updated designs breathed life into the original illustrations by magnifying their vivid and bold qualities. Giving them a tactile look and movement brimming with personality.

Our 3D character designs alongside the original 2D designs.

Script Writing & Storyboarding

Writing a script for this lively cast was a breeze. We developed a conversational tone where the narrator could interact with the animated characters. Taking turns to introduce each character as they highlighted their own suggestions of how to get involved with the scheme.

WWF Green Ambassadors Design & Animation

Starting with a creative script and a lively set of characters made the narrative easy to visualise. Characters were placed into a clean setting and given props relevant to their scene. Our narrator told each character's stories for them. So although each ambassador didn't talk, expressive movement and facial animation ensured they were in no way short of personality!

The end result is a film which introduces the WWF Green Ambassadors scheme with a sense of humour and fun. Aiming to inspire a generation of young people to get active and look after the world they live in. A lesson we think even Hulk Hogan would agree with…