Bear Nibbles - Animated papercraft TV commercials - Fred & Eric

Bear Nibbles

Relocating our studio to a deep dark cave in the middle of a dark dark wood, was the best way for F&E to get back to nature and cook up these two paper crafted commercials for Bear Nibbles

In our trademark paper-craft style, F&E brought a series of hand-cut illustrations to life. Using quirky animation inspired by traditional techniques, both of our commercials for Bear Nibbles follow Bear’s 'Big World Adventure'. Tracking Bear as he sniffs out the very best ingredients for his delicious baked fruity snacks.

Our Process

The Bear Nibbles creative direction featured our own hand-cut designs combined with paper-cut illustrations by Jared Andrew Schorr.

Paper-cut illustrations created for the commercials

Layering up the handmade elements we created larger 3D scenes. These settings were then brought to life using a combination of 3D and 2D After Effects animation. The final ad was rendered with a reduced frame-rate, which combined with the handmade elements, created the charming stop-frame feel.

The second in our series tracks Bear from his cave, out to sea as he seeks out pirates and treasures:

Bear Nibbles Pirate TV commercial

Now F&E just have to find that trail of delicious berries which leads back to our Charlotte Street studio