Tesco - Fred & Eric Handmade Stopframe Animation


Crafting handmade paper models and saving you money. Just another day in the Fred & Eric Studio.

Paper, cardboard and plenty of glue went into the making of this little animation for Tesco Clubcard. Combining handmade paper models and stop-frame animation to showcase five easy ways to boost your Clubcard points.

With the challenge of a tight-turn around, our creative focused on crafting detailed models. These handmade paper objects would lead the creative in a simple step-by-step sequence. With only one day to shoot, we knew the stop-frame animation needed to remain simple. Allowing the focus, depth and vibrancy of the models to carry the piece.  

Behind the scenes of our Tesco Clubcard stopframe shoot.

The simple movement with added SFX and music was more than enough to create a fun, engaging and sharable piece of work. Ready to unleash upon Tesco's money-savvy audience. Ding ding ding ding ding!