Bother Launch Film - Fred & Eric - Animated Brand Video


Online shopping? F&E have got you covered with this quirky line-drawn explainer, combining cel animated characters and kinetic typography. Introducing Bother!

Introducing Bother, a delivery service for household essentials, with an environmentally focused ethos. As part of their launch, we produced a brand film and a series of animations for Bother's online and social media marketing campaign. Commissioned by agency Wax/On, our work began with an introductory brand film highlighting who Bother are and what they do.

Our first task was to bring the work of illustrator Matt Blease to life. Creating short looping animations that were designed to showcase Bother's ethos and services. We went on to combine these sequences with animating typography. Producing a short original launch film introducing the brand.

Alongside a friendly script, our animation showcases the advantages of using this simple service for delivering bulky basics. Going on to explain Bother's mission of creating a quicker, cheaper, and more environmentally-minded way to shop.

In addition to the launch film, we created a series of stand-alone animating sequences. Designed to appear on Bother's website and social channels.