Sundrop Farms Brand Film - Fred & Eric Explainer Video

Sundrop Farms

A promotional explainer video created for Sundrop Farms. Combining kinetic typographic, character animation and infographics; explaining what they do, how it's done and why they do it.

Sundrop Farms are a global leader in sustainable agriculture. They commissioned Fred & Eric to create an animated brand film. Explaining what they do, how, and why they do it.

Brand films are more than a simple introduction or general marketing video. Their purpose is to put a spotlight on a company's mission. The goal is to connect with a target audience, by sharing a company overview and highlighting core values.

Sundrop Farms Animated Brand Film: still image taken from a diagramatic explainer section
Sundrop Farms Animated Brand Film: diagramatic explainer section

We worked directly with our clients at Sundrop Farms, who provided a summary of what they wanted to say. Using this, we wrote an animation friendly script with a conversational tone. Finessing a script is an important stage in creating an animated brand film; filtering complex writing into something that balances information with a brand-friendly tone of voice.

The next step in creating the Sundrop Farms' brand film was to produce an illustrated storyboard with written direction. A storyboard forms the blueprint for an animation and reassures our clients that there will be no unexpected surprises along the way! We designed a friendly and engaging illustration style, using Sundrop Farms' corporate colours to create brand cohesion.

Moving to the next step. Ideally, we'll record the final voice-over before moving on to animation. The VO sets the pace and gives our animators a fixed guide for timings.

Next, it's animation! Bringing the storyboards to life using flowing transitions between quirky character segments, diagrammatic explainer sections and typographic layouts. Subsequently, illustrations were given a subtle animating edge adding a tactile hand-drawn feel.

In the final step, a music track and sound effects add the finishing touch. Resulting in a film that simply explains Sundrop Farms' incredibly clever use of technology, in a friendly and easy to understand brand film.