Aqualisa Smart Shower Explainer Animation - Fred & Eric


Not only the perfect place to practice our Mariah Carey ballads, showers are now reaping the benefits of smart technology, as we discover in this explainer animation.

We love a gadget at F&E, so were thrilled to collaborate with our friends at Retailistic on a 2D explainer animation, for the UK’s leading Smart Shower brand – Aqualisa. The film introduces Aqualisa's Smart Shower range and showcases the wide-ranging benefits. Demonstrating the product features with simplified illustrations and a cast of (mostly very clean) characters. The animation is split into 5 steps, creating a complete guide to Aqualisa Smart Digital Showering.

This animation was designed to be shown online and in showrooms. Being a multi-use film the narrative needed to be technical, informational and entertaining all at once! A cast of characters set the scene, illustrating the benefits of a smart shower's functions.

Initial character designs

In addition to character sections, diagrammatic illustrations demonstrate practical information about the shower's use and installation. These styles are all tied together with animating typography, highlighting the key benefits and features of a smart shower experience.