Watermelon Research - Explainer Animations - Fred & Eric

Watermelon Research

Meet Melvyn, he’s a watermelon and the star of a series of online animations we've produced for…. Watermelon!

We first met the team at Watermelon Research when they approached us to create an "about us" animation for their brand (shown above). The brief was to introduce Watermelon as customer experience and insight specialists, before going on to showcase the hows and whys of what they do.

Leading the narrative was Watermelon's mascot, Melvyn. We brought him to life using expressive character animation and transported him into an illustrated world. From here, Melvyn leads the animation through a descriptive narrative which succinctly introduces Watermelon Research to their audience.

Watermelon Research - Big Data Animation

Melvyn's performance must have wowed his fans, as not long after we were commissioned to create a second film. The sequel stars Melvyn in an explainer animation where he shows off the company's clever big data collection technology.

Training Video

Not content with starring in two animations, Melvyn turned his hand to presenting for the next instalment in his high-flying career. This training video formed a step-by-step guide to using Watermelon's software. Featuring product demonstrations and instructional sequences all housed under Watermelon's now familiar brand setting. Below are a selection of stills taken from the final film.

Watermelon Research Explainer Animation and Training Video.
Watermelon Research - Stills taken from Melvyn's Training Video

Proving that no job is too big, Melvyn stands poised for whatever task might be next in his illustrious career!