International Health Partnership - Explainer Animation - Fred & Eric

International Health Partnership

Simplifying complex ideas into a short and easy to understand format is the goal of any good explainer video. A task we confidently undertook when commissioned to create this online illustrated animation.

International Health Partnership (IHP +) is a group of partners who are committed to improving healthcare in developing countries. This animation succinctly and thoughtfully explains their vital service.

Our Process

IHP+ commissioned F&E to produce two animated explainer films in English and French. The aim was to communicate the core agenda and work of the International Health Partnership. Kicking off the project, our first task was to illustrate a style frame based on a draft script and IHP+'s brand guidelines. Capturing the essence of such a critical partnership, we created this styleframe which our clients loved.

Our original animation styleframe

With the final script in our hands, we began storyboarding. This process visually blocked out each section of the animation alongside written direction. Describing how each illustration would animate and then transition to the next.

Next up, animation! Bringing to life the illustrations into one flowing sequence, using a variety of techniques. Cel animation added dynamic movement to more conceptual moments. Whilst character animated sections helped visualise the narrative and enable the audience to connect with the real people IHP+ aim to help.

Our last creative step was to add music and sound design; accentuating movement and building context within the settings. Finally, the film was translated and re-timed for a French-speaking audience. Job complete, we delivered the two animated explainer videos to IHP+, ready to share with their international audience.