UHC2030 - Character based explainer animation - Fred & Eric


Meet Nina and her family, lead protagonists in this character driven online explainer animation for UHC2030.

UHC2030 (International Health Partnership) is a global movement to build stronger health systems for universal health coverage (UHC). Their aim is to build a safer, fairer and healthier world by 2030. The organisation contacted us to create a 2D communication animation describing the key aspects of their work. The explainer film was shown at the UN General Assembly in September 2018 and subsequently on social media channels.

Our Process

Drawing on UHC2030’s branding and palette, we developed a friendly and refined illustration style. Creating a character-led narrative that uses Nina’s family as the focus for the script, representing the potential experience of a wider audience.

Nina and her family have all experienced different health problems but the story explains how they are now able to sit and enjoy a happy and healthy meal together, thanks to having access to good healthcare. This explainer animation goes on to follow each family member's individual stories. Ultimately concluding with a hopeful message from UHC2030, outlining the huge global importance of creating universal health coverage and its wide-reaching benefits to communities, worldwide.