KitKat Bites digital ad campaign - Fred & Eric collage style animations

KitKat Bites

Take a look at this mixed media, collage style commercial for the new (even tastier) KitKat Bites.

Drum roll please! Introducing our digital ad campaign for new (even tastier) KitKat Bites. Working in collaboration with JWT, the team at F&E produced two commercials promoting KitKat’s tasty treats. The dual spots played over social media and digital channels.

KitKat Bites - Skywriting. The second in our series of digital ads

Both adverts share a cut-out collage creative and stopframe feel. Whilst establishing their own separate identities through the use of jazz hands and aerial acrobatics (as you do). These films played a critical part in an energetic campaign. Using creative ‘pizzaz' to tempt viewers into taking a break and trying these newly improved tasty treats.

An important factor when creating the KitKat digital ad campaign was to build a design that was easily adaptable to varying screen dimensions. This meant the animations could play effectively within landscape, portrait and square screens; everywhere from Snapchat to YouTube.

KitKat Bites 9:16 version for Snapchat

As they were only 10 seconds long, the ads had to immediately grab attention with their colourful style and unusual characters! The first spot is titled Jazz Hands, and introduces a mismatched cast of characters in this animated theatrical grand finale. The second ad titled Loop-the-loop transports us skyward. Following some daredevil aerial acrobatics and accomplished biplane banner towing.

Screen shots from both spots created for KitKat digital ad campaign

Animating all of the cut-out elements with a reduced frame rate, helped to create a feeling that the ads had been handmade and shot using stopframe animation. This technique also helped to enhance the friendly tone. Making sure the campaign really stood out and connected with the target audience.