Little Big Planet 2 animated Trailer Launch Video - Fred & Eric

Little Big Planet

Combining stopframe animation, handmade models and bespoke gameplay sequences was an apt creative for this Little Big Planet 2 game trailer.

Introducing.... our animated trailer for Little Big Planet 2. Created to advertise the game's release, it takes the viewer on a journey through gaming history. Paying homage to the iconic design of computer games and consoles. The visual style takes inspiration from the handmade aesthetic behind Little Big Planet's game design. Combining real handmade settings, stopframe animated transitions, motion graphics and specially designed gameplay sections; allowing Sackboy to embark on a handmade journey through gaming history.

The first challenge was to devise a narrative for Sackboy's time-travelling journey, by picking iconic computer games (and devices) to reference. Luckily retro gaming is something we are all fans of, so the choices were easy to make! From Pong to Mario, Lara Croft and Street Fighter, the references are easy to identify for gaming fans.

Little Big Planet 2 animated trailer: Sackboy holding a handmade SNES controller.
Handmade sets inspired by gameplay aesthetic

In the handmade sections, we included simple stopframe animation on some of the sets. Allowing Sackboy to appear within handmade settings and interact with the real-life environments.

Little Big Planet animated game trailer screenshot - space invaders.
Little Big Planet 2 animated trailer - bespoke gameplay design

Two expert Little Big Planet gamers built the gameplay sections (what a dream job!). Highlighting the game's versatility, none of our requests proved too difficult. From a modern take on Space Invaders, or Sackboy's very own Call of Duty. Sackboy breezes through each "level" linked together cleverly through our handmade and CG environments.

Sound design was integral to the trailer's creative, as arguably iconic as the visuals. Inspired by each game, the bespoke music track pays homage to the evocative instrumental sounds associated with them. All topped off with equally evocative gaming sound effects. Combining all the elements into one hybrid world of handmade and gaming.