Oxfam International - Kinetic Typography Animation - Fred & Eric

Oxfam International

A short typographic animation titled "The Truth About Ebola". Commissioned by Oxfam International to bring awareness to their urgent communication campaign.

Responding to an urgent brief from Oxfam, Fred & Eric created this typographic animation with the aim of bringing immediate attention to the urgency of the Ebola crisis. This film was used as a call to action for people around the world. It also served to tell G20 leaders to step up and provide more money, more medics and more troops to help stop the spread of Ebola.

The creative concept of this animation was based around the listener tuning into different radio broadcasts about Ebola. The words are spoken by Oxfam sanitation and health workers in Liberia and Sierra Leone: people who are experiencing Ebola's devastating impact first-hand. The spoken message is accentuated by animating typography and illustration, adding poignancy and urgency to the spoken message. #EndEbola NOW.