Samaritans - Fred & Eric


This explainer animation was created in collaboration with the Samaritans. Commissioned to sit alongside a report about self-harm which targets parents, family and teachers.

The Samaritans' research had shown there was a significant lack of understanding about self-harm. In particular, the way that parents, family and teachers react to a person who is self-harming, which can add to their emotional distress. This communication piece formed part of the Samaritans' campaign to bring awareness to this critical issue, explaining how to support someone who's self-harming.

The visual style was created to complement the Samaritans' brand and existing assets. Mindfully representing the incredibly sensitive issues highlighted in the script with illustrations evocative of each subject matter raised. More conceptual moments combine with realistic scenarios featuring a variety of animated characters. Creating an informative and compassionate gateway to accessing more support and information on this difficult subject.

To access more information on self harm, visit the Samaritans website HERE.