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MS Society

F&E were commissioned to design the branding and a series of creative informational animations for the MS Society.

We first worked with the MS Society on a creative brief to brand their "What is MS" (Multiple Sclerosis) online content. This section of their website is the primary entry point into the MS Society’s information and resources, for a range of audiences. Our job was to create a visual and animation style that would connect the content under the same creative wrap.

Our Process:

MS is a lot of things to a lot of people. It's a condition that can vary greatly from person to person. With this in mind, we began our creative journey by designing a multifaceted visual: an animating question mark, symbolising "What is MS?".

"What is MS?" animating brand

Created using varying shapes combined with, jagged and wavy lines. The style represents differing symptoms and emotions associated with MS. The question mark was designed to transition into a rainbow, creating a positive and hopeful resolve. This visual went on to define the creative direction moving forwards.

Working closely with the MS Society, our next job was to draw on this illustration style to produce a series of explainer animations. Their aim was to help explain what MS is. A cast of illustrated characters and simplified settings were combined with animating shapes inspired by the question mark visual. Branding each film into the same family of content. The first film (shown above) simply explains what Multiple Sclerosis is. Visualising the science, symptoms and possible treatments.

Our second animation was created for friends and relatives of people who've been diagnosed with MS. Providing an insight into the emotions that come hand in hand with diagnosis and treatments. The voice-over featured real voices of people from the MS community. Helping to connect with the emotion of each different story.

Ending with the overarching message, whoever you are and whatever you’re going through, ‘you are not alone’; the MS Society is here to help.

Our visual direction and the rainbow icon have since been adopted by MS Society for their online and print content. Using the illustration and brand style we devised, to unify their creative communications.

Real Stories

The next set of content we worked on was a mixed media series of films. The aim was to continue helping people better understand Multiple Sclerosis and share the MS Society's vision of their future goals.

We collaborated with MS Society's creative team to produce this series. Expanding on the brand style we devised for the "What is MS" content. The stories were split into two parts; Live action talking heads combined with animated backgrounds. Leading into a fully animated sequence that describes MS Society's goals for addressing the wider issues raised by the opening stories. Here are two films from the series:

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