Samaritans Postvention Explainer Animation - Fred & Eric

Samaritans Postvention

Samaritans Postvention is a short explainer animation created for Samaritans and HMPPS.

Samaritans and prison services (HMPPS) work closely together, to respond to suicides and serious incidents of self-harm. It’s a sad fact that people in prison are much more likely to die by suicide. In response to this, a Listener Scheme has already been set up. Its aim is to train people in prison to become Listeners and support their peers who are struggling to cope or feeling suicidal.

In addition to suicide prevention, HMPPS and Samaritans offer Postvention services. This animation was commissioned to explain these services to HMPPS staff. Highlighting the support available after a suicide and how to best support both people in prison and the staff.

Samaritans and HMPPS developed a script with accessible language, which carefully addressed this sensitive subject matter. Our challenge was to visualise this. We chose a simple approach that combined abstract shapes with realistic silhouettes. Hinting at real people was key to connecting with this subject matter emotionally. Tougher moments were treated a little more abstractly, using personified shapes and reactive lines. Our animation used flowing transitions to seamlessly connect each illustration. Completing the journey with an informative and sensitive explanation of the Samaritans Postvention services.