Great South African Bake Off - Fred & Eric Teaser Promos

Great South African Bake Off

For our signature bake, Fred & Eric whisked up this tasty 3D logo and mouth-watering promo to encapsulate the colour and chaos of a Bake Off challenge.

Working in collaboration with BBC Worldwide, F&E produced a series of promos to build excitement around the launch of The Great South African Bake Off. Ready, steady, Bake!

Signature Challenge

Our first task was to create a good enough to eat animating logo. This would be a quick teaser TV promo, building up to the show's launch. We started by mocking up the logo in Photoshop, using baking inspired textures. As you can see below, it took a few attempts before we were happy with the final bake!

The Great South African Bake Off - Logo Development

Utensils confirmed and ingredients chosen, the final layout was transferred into the world of 3D. Each bake was remodelled as a 3D object, ready for animation. The sequence was timed to a ticking egg-timer sound effect which initiated the spread of cookery embellishments. Popping on in a clockwise movement to complete the composition. Flour bursts and scattering sprinkles added to the feeling of movement and mess! While each baked letter jiggled with a stopframe feel. We're hoping for the Star Baker award (or at least a handshake).

Our final 3D logo design.

Technical Challenge

For our next Great South African Bake Off challenge, we teamed up with Master Baker of food-based typography, Noah Camp. Creating a second promo designed to give the audience a taste of what was to come in the show. The 3D phrases were piped like icing, then topped with sprinkles. This tantalizing typography described the essential ingredients required for a perfect Bake Off series. Our next job was to composite these perfectly piped forms into a live-action edit.

Great South African Bake-off Promo

Take a closer look at the iced typography!

Perfectly piped typography used in the teaser edit above

Showstopper Challenge

Rounds one and two completed, our graphics were transformed into promotional material for the show's release. We created magazine and billboard ads, ready to tantalize Bake Off fans just in time for the first episode.