BlaBlaCar TV Commercials - Fred & Eric - 3D Character Animation


Introducing Green and Blue Bla! A loveable 3D animated plasticine duo designed to advertise car sharing service, BlaBlaCar.

Collaborating directly with the creative team at BlaBlaCar, our working relationship began with a refresh of the existing mascot designs. Transforming this duo into malleable 3D forms and beginning a journey into stardom!

Since their 2014 debut, the Bla's character design and background settings have evolved, gaining friends and family members with each new commercial. Advertising the company’s people-powered transport network through humorous and quirky scenarios.

The First Animated Commercials

Green and Blue Bla were first introduced in separate commercials. Blue Bla was cast as The Driver, looking to share the cost of his journey. The contrasting ad featured Green Bla The Passenger, searching for a cost-effective ride!

BlaBlaCar Commercial: The Driver

BlaBlaCar Commercial: The Passenger

Now the Bla's were on the road, there was no stopping them! We continued to produce new scenes and settings to update the narratives and create more content.

BlaBlaCar Commercial
BlaBlaCar Commercial: Blue Bla fed up with solo driving
BlaBlaCar car journey
BlaBlaCar 3D animated plasticine characters

Dream Sequences

In a temporary change of direction... 3D and 2D animation combined, in this series of online stings. Our line-drawn character animations invisaged Passenger and Driver dreaming up hopeless ways of reaching their destinations. Snapping out of it, they come to their senses and choose BlaBlaCar!

Driver Dream Sequence

Passenger Dream Sequence

Destination Series

Having established the ride-sharing concept and benefits, the Bla family were ready to expand. A new series of commercials pulled at the heart-strings to highlight the benefits of ride-sharing. The messaging was, get wherever you want to be, with BlaBlaCar - you have the freedom to fulfill all your travel desires!

BlaBlaCar: Family Christmas Commercial

BlaBlaCar: New Year's Commercial

Making Connections Series

For the next series of 3D commercials, our characters were given a subtle make-over. The new narratives focused on car-sharing connections, illustrating how new friends can be made by sharing a ride with someone. The narrative called for a new set of character designs. This secondary cast of plasticine companions helped to complete these humorous sequences.

BlaBlaCar France: Making Connections

BlaBlaCar Spain: Making Connections

Reactive Advertising

Inspired by the hype surrounding the final Game of Thrones series, our next ad was designed to react to this excitement. Opening with the line "This Summer, don't get the wrong seat..." the commercial temporarily transported a green Bla into the mythical world of King's Landing. Below you can see our WIP wireframe render, which is a quick preview of the animation. Once everyone is happy, we go on to render the final 3D sequence in full. (Subtitles available).

Wireframe work in progress render

BlaBlaCar Commercial: GoT creative

After four years of impeccable service, the Bla's were retired as part of BlaBlaCar's 2018 rebrand. Waving bon voyage to the cast, you'll be assured these squishy forms will always hold a special place in F&E's family album.

Read more about our work on BlaBlaCar's 2018 rebrand HERE