Reintroducing, BlaBlaCar! Animated brand film - Fred & Eric

Reintroducing, BlaBlaCar!

Once in a while, it’s great to try something new. Like a dramatic haircut, a cool pair of spectacles… or that twirly moustache you’ve always wanted. When BlaBlaCar decided it was time for a change, they rebranded with a beautiful new look and this fresh animation.

After years of good service, BlaBlaCar's loveable plasticine cast, that we'd helped bring to life over the brand's formative years, decided to retire. Relaunching the BlaBlaCar brand with a friendly 2D design that links to the company's heritage. Our job was to help tell their story through a short brand film, reintroducing BlaBlaCar!

Working in collaboration with BlaBlaCar, our animation tells the story of their founder Fred (good name) and his journey (pun intended) in founding the world’s leading car-sharing network. Our animators brought the illustrations of Iwona Kazia Kalitan-Mlodkowska to life through a fun and playful animation style. Portraying the story of how BlaBlaCar connects millions of people, going the same way.

The animation has a continuous flow and surprising moments of perspective change. Of course, characters were key to this film. Their role was to highlight the scale of humans connecting and how, with the help of BlaBlaCar, networks are being created between towns and suburbs all over the world.

Our final animation completed, we edited a music track and added creative sound design. As an international brand, BlaBlaCar also needed the final films in 9 different languages. This meant working with translators for each language, re-recording the voice-overs, re-timing the animation and producing subtitles for each one.

In addition to the brand film, BlaBlaCar commissioned a stand-alone animating logo. Linking the car-sharing network concept to the updated logo design.

BlaBlaCar Animating Logo

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