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Cake Ampersand

Fred & Eric's history is grounded in collaboration. From the moment we came up with the name Fred & Eric (that's another story), we knew the ampersand could be something that could provide endless creative possibilities. From day one we invited creatives and friends to make us ampersands that could form an ever-changing logo for our company. An emblem of how creativity evolves and changes. With a letterform being the brand, rather than a set-in-stone logo. Here are a few of our favourites created over the years:

Wood cut ampersand by Tom Ashton-Booth, 2011
Reverse side, 2011
Fruit crate ampersand by Tom Ashton-Booth, 2011
Mosaic Flamingo by Catherine Rogers, 2011
F&E's Birthday by Phyllis Knowles, 2011
Hand Drawn by Laurie Stoddart, 2011
Fruit crate ampersand by Tom Ashton-Booth, 2011
Illustration by Patrick Gildersleeves, 2011
Design Week Cover created by F&E Creative Director Maggie Rogers, 2011
Age of Reason Studios, Ali Taylor's scarf ampersand
Scarf ampersand by Age of Reason's Ali Taylor, 2011
Concrete ampersand by Paul Campbell, 2011
F&E's 1st Birthday ampersand by Maggie Rogers, 2012
Easter ampersand by Mateusz Napieralski, 2012
Crane by Ben Cady, 2013
3D car by Ashley Pay, 2015
Ice cream ampersand showreel opener, 2016
Biscuit by Lee Cooper, 2016
Ampersand by Fred & Eric, 2020