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The old saying that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is never more true than today. When that picture becomes dynamic it can adroitly communicate information, and connect with an audience. So what is an explainer video?

Explainer video illustration.

Explainer videos are short animated videos that help to illustrate ideas and statements in engaging and articulate ways. They encourage the audience to fully digest and engage with messaging in an eye-catching format.

Why are Explainer Animations Good for Business?

Animated explainer videos can be a powerfully influential marketing tool; inventive and more visually appealing than reams of text or a series of static slides. Video content can be used to increase brand awareness and communicate complex language directly to the intended audience.

An explainer video created for Smart Shower brand, Aqualisa

In fact, the appeal of visual stimulus cannot really be overstated. As the stats in this article illustrate, the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. In addition, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

As humans living in the 21st Century, we are essentially hard-wired to respond more favourably to visuals. Therefore animation can be used incredibly effectively by brands to harness that appreciation. 

How can Explainer videos be used?

Animated explainer videos can play a variety of roles within a ‘marketing production’. 

They can be used to tell the story of a product, communicate ideas to staff or potential clients. While also breaking down complex theories and data into an inviting form.  They also offer the opportunity for a client to include a ‘call to action’. This can encourage people to engage with the material and allow for further communication.

It is critical to carefully tailor the message and film branding to the client’s identity and audience requirements. From the tone of the script to the choice of animation style.  What is right for one client may be tone-deaf to another. So working hand in hand with an animation agency can help these choices to be made collaboratively.

What our clients say

A regular client of Fred & Eric, Sophie Keyte from the NSPCC explained why she often uses animation as an essential part of a comms strategy:

"We often find that an animated explainer animation gets to the heart of our message quicker than any other format. A quick visual explanation of a policy we're campaigning for is the most engaging way to reach our audience. It allows concepts to be shared in a unique way rather than the more traditional press statement. When using an explainer animation for a campaign it easily allows us to make a bold call to action. Whether we are asking our audience to sign a petition or back us in another way.

We will often use an explainer animation to quickly and easily explain to our audience a more complex theory. The visual style acting as a hook for our viewers. The animation style allows complex or difficult subject matters to be explored in ways that wouldn't be possible with live-action. It creates a point of interest that you would just not get by using copy. We are all guilty of using key phrases or acronyms in our work. However, we often forget that unless you are part of that business, your audience may not speak your organisation's language. Therefore an explainer animation can be just the right tool to get across your message in a way they will remember".

Childhood development NSPCC explainer video: Tipping the Scales

Simply put, animated explainer videos are an accessible communication tool that can be used to huge effect. Capturing the audience’s attention in a very crowded world, to relay a message efficiently and effectively. 

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