Jack Morton Characters - 3D character design and animation - Fred & Eric

Jack Morton Characters

There’s nothing like characters that look good enough to eat, as proven by this bite-sized 3D animation created for Jack Morton’s 75th Anniversary.

Creating characters is something that we love to do at Fred & Eric. And this is exactly what we did when Jack Morton produced a collaborative anniversary film. Joining forces with animation companies from around the world. We were thrilled to take part in this open brief and create our own unique section for their film.

We sculpted gelatinous looking shapes in 3D animation software, texturing and rendering them with an edible finish.  Simplicity was key to making our short section a success. We connected flexible tube arms to our fundamental rig. Then gave them a simple facial setup with flitting eye movements to bring them to life.  

As well as being part of Jack Morton’s 75th Anniversary collaborative short, our tasty orange characters became a big hit. They even appeared as our showreel opener for a while.  

You can watch the complete film here.