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Medela: The Amazing Science of Mother’s Milk

A five part explainer series exploring the key stages of a breastfeeding journey from pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Medela's Amazing Science of Mother's Milk animations were created in collaboration with brand agency Keel London. Starting the narrative at pregnancy, through to birth and beyond, our films highlight the incredible health benefits of breastmilk, through a series of warm and sharable animations.

The illustration style has a geometric feel, pivoting around a circular theme that creates a neatly flowing sequence. The creative and typographic style was developed to be instantly engaging, clearly viewed on mobile devices and easily translated into 13 different languages to enable sharing between Medela’s subsidiaries, around the world.

Pregnancy: Where your breast milk starts

How do your breasts change during pregnancy? And when do they start making milk for a baby? Our first video explains what’s going on.

The first hour: Breastfeeding your newborn

Did you know a healthy baby will be ready for their first breastfeed within minutes of being born? Discover the importance of initiating breastfeeding during the ‘magic hour’, in our second video in Medela's amazing science of mother's milk series.

The first weeks: Why breast milk is liquid gold

First breast milk, called colostrum, is nicknamed ‘liquid gold’. Our third video explains why it’s so precious for a baby and how it changes over the weeks to come.

The first 6 months: What’s in every drop of breast milk

You know breast milk benefits babies, but do you know just how much? Our fourth video reveals the amazing live and bioactive components of breast milk that benefit babies in all sorts of ways.

6 months and beyond: Long-term benefits of breastfeeding

Breast milk boosts a baby’s health now and in the future – and producing milk has lifelong benefits for mothers too. Our final animation in Medela's amazing science of mother's milk series, explains the protective effects of long-term breastmilk.