Tower Hamlets: Why Vax? - Awareness Animation - Fred & Eric

Tower Hamlets: Why Vax?

Have you ever wondered how a bald cactus could have anything to do with a COVID-19 vaccination awareness campaign? Then read on...

Fred & Eric collaborated with the team at Yarrow Films, to create this short film for Tower Hamlets Council in London, titled Why Vax? Its aim was to encourage the borough's young people to get their COVID-19 vaccinations. Our straight-talking creative was designed to appeal to a young, switched-on audience. It also confronts the common worries they might have about getting vaxxed, using a direct and informative narrative.

We developed a colourful, graphic style that struck a balance between speaking about serious information, with light-hearted humour. A conversational voice-over, bold illustrations and quirky sound effects combined into an all-encompassing creative.

Illustrations varied from simple to humorous. We really wanted to represent medical facts with unexpected visuals. Forming fun representations of the narrative that aren't normally expected from public health films.

That's how a bald cactus personified the idea of numbing cream and a horse disguised as a unicorn hints at vaccine misinformation.

We also used human characters to evoke emotional connections. A face was added to pretty much everything else in-between, to create a playful cast that brought fun and pop culture into the designs.

The animation was completed with a fast-paced VO. This conversational tone captured a back and forth Q and A featuring the main issues worrying the target audience. Finally, creative sound design really brought each scene to life. And there you go! No preaching, just simply presented facts to inspire young people to take action.