New Local: The Community Paradigm

New Local: The Community Paradigm

Community Power is the belief that people should have a say over the places in which they live and the services they use. F&E produced this short animation to introduce and summarise New Local's vision for this movement.

New Local is a non-profit think tank and local government network. Their aim is to build stronger public services, powerful communities and renewed local government.

In conjunction with the relaunch of their flagship report titled The Community Paradigm, New Local commissioned this animation to introduce and summarise their vision for the movement. Handing over power and resources to people in communities.

Our designs were inspired by a modern collage style, combining graphic elements, photography and typography. By accompanying every powerful statement with an equally striking visual, our animation reinforces the importance of New Local’s vision. Layered animation glides seamlessly from shot to shot, and a stop-frame feel creates a hand-crafted, mixed media environment. Taking the viewer on a journey that reinforces the potential of community action, and supporting New Local’s aim to empower them even further.

Read the full report HERE.