NSPCC Safeguarding in Sport - Animated Explainer - Fred & Eric

NSPCC Safeguarding in Sport

A short explainer animation aimed at those who work with young people in the world of sport, illustrating the very real importance of sports safeguarding.

Our regular clients at children's charity NSPCC commissioned F&E to make this short explainer about safeguarding in sport. Commissioned to sit on their CPSU (Child Protection in Sport) website, the animation sets out to educate the target audience on various areas of sports safeguarding.

Our brief highlighted how safeguarding can be difficult or cumbersome to explain through text, so having a visual representation would make this content more accessible. The narrative explains the difference between safeguarding and child protection, before going on to describe various areas of sports safeguarding. We visualised these themes into sporting metaphors that represented the sensitive issues being described.

The creative was built around a colourful vector illustration style, a well-paced edit and topped with a detailed layer of sound design. We used a split-screen animated device to help break down some of the complex issues of safeguarding into easily accessible content. This split-screen format also allowed us to showcase a variety of sports and areas, in which children need protecting. Ultimately creating an informative short introduction to safeguarding and directing the viewer towards further resources on the CPSU website.