Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Production

Ever thought corporate films should be, well, not so corporate? Step this way to find out how we've been making creative corporate communications since 2011.

At Fred & Eric, corporate video production has been part of the bread and butter of our company since opening our doors in 2011. We've helped a huge variety of businesses produce impactful animations that get key messages across whilst crucially……not sending people to sleep!

In simple terms we make videos that people want to watch…to the end. To illustrate the range of work we've produced, we've put together this showreel as a little introduction to our services. Examples of communications included in this reel are:

So, no matter what your message, we have the skills to turn the ordinary into something truly memorable. But don't worry, we understand the balance between serious and playful. So whatever your brief, we know how to combine creativity with clarity to engage your audience in just the right way.

To find out how we could help with all your animation needs, corporate or otherwise, contact us!